Elliptic Orbits

by Trilateral

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released March 11, 2017

All songs written and performed by Trilateral
Engineered and Produced by Jacob Goose at Avalon Studios
Mixed by Nigel Curly at Mindscape Studios
Mastered by Siegfried Meier at Beach Road Studios
Logos by Nate Mitic at Cosmic Creative Design
Original Artwork by Tom Hilborn
Booklet Design by Owen Mackinder



all rights reserved


Trilateral London, Ontario

Canadian born Metal coming from just a trio

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Track Name: Dividers of Infinity
An ancient order of the divine
Presaging the dawn of time
Great minds create a portal of life
Unleashing mass anomaly

A somber eclipse radiates from the gateway

Once akin to the gods
Cursed infinite existence
The immortal have become entrenched in nothingness
Forever to divide

Blast waves of galactic creation multiply exponentially
Aware of their ever expanding legacy of regret
Their purpose is now to destroy
The masterpiece bestowed upon them

A somber eclipse

Dividing the realms
Kaleidoscope of anomaly
Blinds the ubiquitous psyche
Track Name: Cloud Forest
The light shining through the trees
Is safety in its most ignorant form
You are the prey but not yet surprised
Stumble onto your own demise

Lost entangled in madness
Foraging these parts but unknown
Shadows shifting silently
My instincts shudder unsettling fear

I call your name, through the sorrow

As I cross the plains, the sorrow scarcely fades

The absent moon reflects on your path
As the night envelops the sky
I will feed tonight

On our way, second sight
Flee the threatening cull
To take what once was ours

As we trudge on forward, leaving fear behind
We seek

As legends say, we constellate
Towards the hill temples of the clouds
We carry on
Track Name: Celestial Bodies
With the thought of bliss, my eyes find the sun
Warding off the nimbus, on the horizon
Stay with me, this is so much easier if I can see

Soft to the touch, this embrioderd pattern
Reveals experience of what I know
Though adversity shook our hold, we claim this right Happiness

Parity, equilibrium
Is what we have won

Behold these energies collide in complete unity
Removed from the passage, removed from the vessel

Latch onto the euphoric perspective
Pleasure exceeding we drink from this oasis

Bound by the unseen
Connection is not physical
Track Name: Whalefall
Deep in the abyssal, perpetual darkness
You wouldn`t know about it, ignorant
It`s feed
It`s feed for the parasites

My body is weak, I cannot hear your voice, where am I now
Oppression of my own release, I fear my life will end here
Obvious where the fault resides, it's hidden in your own eyes
You'll forget what you've done to me

Influence corrupts the mind, these actions find root and bind
Commit to fallacy

The light breaks through, but it shines only darkness
I see the light breaking through, but it shines only darkness

It's feed
It's feed for the parasites
In judgement of what's created
The verdict is prophecy
Narrative self-fulfilled
Commit to fallacy

Drowning in blue I feel the grip I had on everything I knew Weaken
Drowning in blue, red and blue

You'll forget what you've done to me
Commit to fallacy
It's feed, it's feed for the parasites
You'll forget what you've done
Track Name: Fountainhead
Feel the breeze on your skin
Horizon turn is here
Your life has potential

The disease is holding you back
Fail to articulate your thought process

You are not your emotion
You are not your ideas
You're not what you create

The masses follow, but who leads
When you cease you drown
Don’t be one of the powerless
Give all you have with this life
You Fuck

Behind this wall
Lies our mark
Under this floor
Ho, what harks
Inside this mind
Has a spark

Feel the breeze on your skin
Horizon turn is here
Your life has potential
Feel the breeze on your skin
Awaken from the dream
The demons come to drag you down
No fear from the unseen
Track Name: Blessed Protagonist
I know my place in this world
Duty and love entwined
Feel the saftey surround me
Comfort for life

Is what keeps them alive through the days that they try
Far from harm is my mind
I am the king

Questions met with quick demise
Audacious sovereigns, all but a guise
Answers mislead from the truth
Rule this land, disillude

It seems I am God
Blessed with resolve
Deception reigns over my own view
I am crushed beneath the setting sun

To set the seas aflame

Dominance radiates through my body like I have never felt before

I fear my place in this world
Ignorant broken spirit
Feel the noose around my neck
Prelude to exile

Unplug them all

Like a God dethroned
Another leader usurped
Cut free and left to die
You cannot function, without the strings that pull
A God dethroned

We will persist
Track Name: Darkless
Once more a place dark, lost
When the black smoke rolls over the hills you feel the tension
You feel the tension in your bones

Our beautiful day, encapsulate
A love once lost
Scenes shot through a memory
Why cant we return to the beginning
The darkless day stays with me
Even through this ending
Scenes shot through a memory
Why can't you be...

You feel the tension
You feel the tension in your bones

Watch the village alight
Testing the angry sea
You feel the edge tonight
Burn through the memories
Dreaming of the fall
The darkened days ahead
Perception ground so dull
Plagued ancestry
Repetition wrestles innocence

Attention lags behind me
Intense visions from within
Death creeps into focus
Wet grass blurs the sense
Pressed up against

The stone work stands still
Vessel filled with swill

Crawl to the healing fountain
Let the essence wash over me
I push myself into the center
And let the tension leave my bones

Why cant you be, here
Track Name: Arbitrarium
Compulsive, endearment
We blindly judge the unknown

Shielded and secure, under a mainframe veil
A digital Colossus blotches the sun

Compelled with technology, we seat ourselves
We are the gears in the apparatus
The catalyst

Shackled within the grid of arenas
We fight, we lose
United by perjury, false sense of entitlement
Spouting beliefs and opinions, misled progress
Offering moral sacrifice, to the great one in the sky

We are the gears in the apparatus

Chaos erupts, a battle of half wits
A populous distracted by this trivial feud
The beast rises towards the sun
In the absence of light, we cower in fear

What have we done

Feeding the avarice that condemns our souls
The churning black sea consumes the land
With no justice served, all creation halts
Unequivocal portal of downfall
What have we done
We are the gears in the apparatus
Lacking acumen, we accept our new god