from by Trilateral



Once more a place dark, lost
When the black smoke rolls over the hills you feel the tension
You feel the tension in your bones

Our beautiful day, encapsulate
A love once lost
Scenes shot through a memory
Why cant we return to the beginning
The darkless day stays with me
Even through this ending
Scenes shot through a memory
Why can't you be...

You feel the tension
You feel the tension in your bones

Watch the village alight
Testing the angry sea
You feel the edge tonight
Burn through the memories
Dreaming of the fall
The darkened days ahead
Perception ground so dull
Plagued ancestry
Repetition wrestles innocence

Attention lags behind me
Intense visions from within
Death creeps into focus
Wet grass blurs the sense
Pressed up against

The stone work stands still
Vessel filled with swill

Crawl to the healing fountain
Let the essence wash over me
I push myself into the center
And let the tension leave my bones

Why cant you be, here


from Elliptic Orbits, released March 11, 2017



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Trilateral London, Ontario

Canadian born Metal coming from just a trio

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